A reminder of the old days, when American pioneers met in the Appalachian Mountains. They brought their instruments, played the songs they knew from their homeland, and Old-Time Music was born. Two hundred years later, on the other side of the ocean, this tradition was embraced by four young men. With a healthy dose of energy and some Dutch influences, Reminder introduces this forgotten period in American music to the European mainland.
Reminder has a history of performances spread across the Netherlands and Belgium, including shows at Hamawe Roots Festival, Festyland, De Effenaar, Elastiek Muziek, Fable&Fantasy, Achterhoek Spektakeltoer, Totaalfestival, De Parade, and Theater Walhalla. Reminder will treat you to an extensive repertoire, from fast fiddle tunes to poignant murder ballads, making them suitable for a wide audience.
With traditional instruments including banjo, mandolin, guitar, harmonica, double bass, and of course, violin, Reminder takes you to the very origins of American music. So, put on your dancing shoes and enjoy the show! 


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